Monday, September 7, 2009

Ethan has fever, again! We got wet a few days ago when rain suddenly poured while we were walking towards the hospital parking lot after visiting my mother-in-law. What the heck is wrong with the weather? One minute it's scorching hot then a little later the rain would come out of nowhere - releasing it's fury!

Anyway, today is a holiday again. I'm not really sure why. I've lost touched with GMA's guidelines regarding "emergency" non-working holidays. My daughter said it's because the head of a Philippine-based religion died and internment is today. Hmm... I wonder if the same honor would be given to leaders of other religions here in the Philippines.

Going back to Ethan's fever, he is now complaining of muscle aches and pains as he lies in my bed. He is so whinny that he even complains that my bed is so lumpy!

"My bed is not lumpy! I just bought a new mattress." I said

"It's lumpy. I want a bed like the one in Hong Kong!"

Great! Fevers make people delusional and Ethan is no exemption.

Actually, I've been window-shopping for modern beds during my sojourn to the malls. I've seen quite a few pieces of fabulous beds but! I'm not prepared to "pay the price" as of yet.

It's raining again.Right after hanging out the laundry to dry.Sigh!
Posted by desperateblogger On 9/07/2009 08:35:00 AM 10 comments


  1. hala, at pati apo may sakit din. hope he'll get better soon. re: MIL, I'll include her in my prayers. I hope the angioplasty procedure will go well.

    take it easy, and don't get too stressed out.

  2. I will include Ethan and you MIL in my prayers din...take it easy,baka ma stressed out ka nman.

  3. @ juliana: thanks dear! sana nga pala yong remittance mo s DLSU e dito mo na sa akin pinadala! lol. pwede ba mag-apply scholarship?

    @ jade: hi! i read your post and felt so sad for you. basta keep the faith! everything is for the best. dapat mag organize na tayo ng prayer cell group.

  4. "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down"....kaya nga siguro ginawan ng kanta ng Karpintero kasi the 2 don't go together....

    Balik sa HK...sige apply tayo ng scholarship kay Tukayo...tapos punta tayo HK....hehehe...

    Sending prayers your way para kina MIL at for Ethan to get better ASAP.


  5. @ huling: thanks for the prayers. ka babait talaga nyo sa akin. sige, sana mabasa ni tukayo mo yong balak natin na humingi ng scholarship. lol

  6. kids are known to have such fever for no apparent reason, growing pains i think...hope he feels better in a day or two,kids are known to bounce out of it pretty quickly, too!

  7. @ salitype: yes. i just hope the fever abates soon.

  8. How's Ethan? And your MIL? Natuloy ba yung angio nya?

    You better take care of yourself at baka ikaw ang magkasakit nyan....


  9. Hayy..'to talaga si GMA! kahit na ilang beses pa syang mag declare ng emergency holidays di na mababgo ang tingin ng taong bayan sa kanya.

    btw, hope your Ethan's feeling better now. Have a goodnight!

  10. Hope Ethan feels better soon.

    BTW - I wouldn't pay what they charge in malls for a child's mattress either.


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