Thursday, September 10, 2009

What?! It's Thursday already?! Where did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday go? Let me recall. Monday was a holiday, declared by GMA at the last minute for her sense of "pakikisama". Good thing though as Ethan was sick.

Tuesday, Ethan was still sick but a bit better.It had been raining since Sunday that most of the roads were flooded. I remember being awakened at 7:30 A.M. (Give me break! I was losing sleep because of Ethan's illness), by my son's text.

He texted: "Mom, do we have classes today? It's been raining so hard since last night".

"My son, if you're 5 years old and in kindergarten class, then you don't have to go to school". I texted back to my college junior son. He did not reply.

Wednesday dawned gray and rainy. It was actually raining like cats and dogs that classes were once again suspended which I did not know until late that night for I decided not to let Ethan go to school that day anyway. Daughter #1 called me around 9:00 A.M. to report that all is well with MIL's angioplasty. By lunch time, Ethan and I were sooo bored we decided to visit "nanay" at the hospital. She was still in cardio ICU when we arrived but was about to be transferred to the telemetry unit after an hour or so. By 5:00 P.M. "nanay" was in the telemetry unit at the 4th floor. My SIL and I went down from the hospital room at the 7th floor to the 4th floor to have a peek at "nanay".

I was so taken aback with what I saw I almost bawled out. MIL's private nurse was changing her diapers and clothes amidst the tangle of lines crisscrossing her body. She was moaning softly, complaining of pain eminating from the partly paralyzed side of her body. I just stared at her while noting the gentleness of the telemetry nurse and "nanay's" private nurse as they attended to her.

Was it already seven years ago that "nanay" and I were happily dancing our way through the night with our DIs in Tagaytay? "Nanay" loves to ballroom dance. It was her passion. She once said that she worked all her life so that one day she could enjoy the fruits of her labor. Two weeks after our Tagaytay fling, she had a major stroke.

As I look at the once proud, fun and very beauty conscious woman who was lying down half-naked on the bed, I cried.
Posted by desperateblogger On 9/10/2009 08:35:00 PM 8 comments


  1. Ang hirap to see our loved ones being so helpless, noh? Kakalungkot...but such is life. I'm glad though that her angio went well.

    On a lighter note...natawa ako sa unico hijo mo texting you kung may pasok ba o wala. Baka akala taga- dept of educ na mommy nya....hahaha. Na mi miss ko yung mga araw na biglang walang pasok...instant vacay baga....ngayon araw araw walang pasok ako eh....heheh....

    At least you're able to rest a little. Send GMA some thank you gifts....hehehe...


  2. @ huling: yeah! i txted GMA to say tnx.

    noynoy aquino is running for the presidency. i heard he's getting married na rin to shalani soledad.o hindi mo matandaan? classmate ni d1 sa mm!!! grabe! ischudent mo baka maging 1st lady!!!

    @ empty streets
    thanks for the hop!

  3. Oh my gulay....sino yun? Hahaha....I can't remember her. I had to google her name...she finished both grade school and high school sa MS?

    She's only 29? Parang ang layo ng agwat nila ah...oh well, lab naman ata nila isa't isa eh....

    Huling...[palagay mo pwede tayo manghingi ng pabor pag FL na syan....hahaha]

  4. @huling: naiinis nga si ate korina, FL na, nawala pa. ewan ko lang kung manalo si noynoy. baka hindi ko iboto, inggit kasi ako sa nanay ni shalani! ahahahaha

  5. @huling: naiinis nga si ate korina, FL na, nawala pa. ewan ko lang kung manalo si noynoy. baka hindi ko iboto, inggit kasi ako sa nanay ni shalani! ahahahaha

  6. aliw ako sa thread dito. yung aspiring FL dating student ni Tukayo? mukhang wiz naman siya yata likes ni Mama Kris hahaha.

    seriously, I'm glad to hear your MIL's angio went well. nakakalungkot nga, seeing loved ones helpless. naisip ko tuloy sarili ko pagtanda.

    have a restful weekend!

  7. Bwa hahahaha.....sige pagka isahan nyo ni Koringring....hahaha....

    Kamusta ang weekend mo so far? I hope na medyo relaxing this time around. Parang kang ipo-ipo sa sobrang ka bisihan....ako napapagod sa yo eh...


  8. It is very hard to see anyone close to you being so helpless. There will always be 'if only I could . . . '. I'll pray for your MiL.

    Take care!


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