Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daughter #1 told me that my mother-in-law, my kids' grandmother, will undergo angioplasty tomorrow. It seemed that MIL suffered a minor, if you could call it that, heart attack about a week ago. Prior to the heart attack, MIL has been complaining of a burning sensation in her tummy that the 24/7 round of nurses thought was just "gas". Since we don't live near my MIL's house, it's not an everyday occurrence that we see her. However, my girls dropped by to visit on Sunday and daughter #1 learned of their grandma's complaint. She then asked the nurse on duty details about the how and the when of the pain. After listening to the nurse's report, daughter #1 told my SIL (who lives with my MIL) to take MIL to her doctor the following day for check-up. Diagnosis: the gassy and burning sensation that felt like heartburn was actually a mild heart attack.

I blame the nurses. I found out that MIL has been complaining of the burning sensation for the last two weeks! Sometimes I wonder what these nurses do all day. I wonder if they are really RNs. Do they even merit a medical assisting certification? MIL is 80 years old. I pray that everything would turn out alright.
Posted by desperateblogger On 9/02/2009 07:17:00 PM 8 comments


  1. I guess you should inform the hospital heads about their non-proficient nurses. They shouldn't be there..supposed to save lives but they're not doing what they're supposed to do.. poor lola.. hope she'll be fine.. God bless your family..

  2. Ay naku! Ang sarap kutusin ng mga nagbabantay sa kanya. Kundi pa bumisita si D#1 di pa nila maiisip na dalhin sa doktor....

    Hopefully everything will turn out alright...


  3. i feel for your mum-in-law's condition.

    being a nurse myself, i find it unacceptable that their assessment skills have been honed so poorly as to not even notice that epigastric pain can be a sign of cardiac anomalies (referred pain).

    they are not supposed to diagnose anyway but refer the symptoms, among other things.

    so either it was not communicated at all; was 'lost in transition' or, was pending - awaiting resolution.

    nonetheless, untoward signs and symptoms should always be referred.

    i hope their half-baked TLC have not fully put you off the entire nursing community.

    i find it sad that you have somehow managed to insert an ad in such a disconcerting issue about nurses, patients and the whole local healthcare system.

    i proffer my utmost apologies in case my views pique you.

  4. I feel sorry for your MiL. Knowing that she is 80, the nurses should have taken extra care at her every ailment. Good thing it was just a mild one but nevertheless, it was still somewhat carelessness. And you have the right to call those nurses' immediate bosses.

    I hope and pray your MiL gets better in the soonest time.

  5. Misdiagonize in heart related ailments.... no no!!

  6. poor lola, i hope she's doing better now.

    just hopping around here, mommy Lena. enjoy the weekend!

  7. @ pink note: thanks for the thoughts.

    @ huling: ay nako... isa lang pala talagang nurse. yong 1 ay midwife, at yong 1 ay caregiver.

    @ bulaang katotohanan:

    there's only one RN that goes on duty for my MIL. the other two are not. but there's more to it than said. my MIL has been known to overact on numerous occasions ---as we say in pinoy idiom: KSP. the thing is, MIL has been complaining of the chest pain for more than a week and the nurse/caregiver/midwife did not mind her complaint.

    MIL needs an angioplasty - 2 stents, not one - and i know you know how much it cost. it would have been better if her health would permit a bypass.

    oh, i was not piqued by your comment that i was able to insert an ad in my post. that's the way the wheel of life turns. when you are handed a lemon, make a lemonade. :)

    @ sheng: thanks for the thoughts. MIL will undergo angioplasty.

    @ swineflu: sad, isn't it.

    @ nancy: hey! thanks for the nice thought.

  8. I will pray for her fast recovery. Stay strong.


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