Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wowowee production crew is a wonder to behold. They are all hyped-up to do the show. As we seat in our very VIP seats, the first floor director came out and gave out instructions left and right as to how to do the wowowee move, the clapping, the giling-giling, the mukhasim, and when you may and may not go out to pee. No eating. No drinking. No sleeping. The second floor director came out soon after. There were a lot of ohs and ahs as he (Owen) appeared. The guy has a fan base himself. He was hyped up the audience with his well-place and well-said spiel. After Owen came two gay stand-up comedians to further hype and entertain the audience. Then the show started.

Me, Ethan, TJ and D4 all set to go in the studio

Owen, the floor director, doing his bit

First, the girl hosts came out. Then Willie Revillame came out from underneath our seats (the seats opened up in the middle) with much funfare. Then the dancers together with the girl hosts danced to the tune of whatever song that Willie was lipsynching. Blah blah and then it was giling time. Each seat segment was panned by the camera and one person is chosen by Owen to participate iin the Bigat-10 portion of the program. Daughter #4 and TJ were all-out with their giling-giling but Owen could not see the two for they were right behind the dancers and the guest host Carmen Soo. Daughter #4 wanted to push her way in the middle of the stage to be seen but by then Owen was done with the choosing. The girl behind daughter #4 was picked for the Bigat-10. Okay now, it was only then that I learned that the object of the Bigat-10 contestants were to eliminate each other through the hep-hep-hooray thing. The gilr behind Daughter # 4 won the game claiming 20,000 pesos for her. Her girlfriends were all excited for surely , they said, she'd give us some of her winnings. Well, the 20,000 pesos was less 20% for tax purposes and the money won't be ready for a month or so. The girl has to come back after a month and check if the money is ready.

The program inside the studio never stopped. During commercial breaks, the two gay stand up comedians are on stage to entertain the audience. After two hours of watching and participating Ethan and I were mighty tired. If only we could have joined or won any portion then we would not have been so tired or (bored). TJ was chosen in the mukhasim contest but he lost to an old woman. TJ was given 1,000 pesos and a bag of Datu Puti products.

TJ's mukhasim

As the show drew to a close daughter # 4 was already asking me when I could get another pass. Why? I asked. She said that she has to join and win the Bigat-10 portion of the program however long it takes.

Next time mom, I'll wear something sexy so that Owen would chose me! said daughter #4

Sigh! So many saw me on Wowowee. So many are now asking me to help them get a pass. Ria, if you're reading this, could you possibly tell Bombet to give me 5 passes to Wowowee? Again? Please?

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/22/2009 05:31:00 PM 9 comments


  1. How I wish Wowowee will reach Australia too.

  2. Specifically Melbourne.

  3. Yeah! Peechures...finally! Hehehe...

    Mana ba anak ko sa akin? Walang sense of style.....hahahaha....


  4. waaaaaaaaa I want one too! Can I join? I don't want to win any..just want to experience the show weeee...

  5. waaahh good for 5 peeps but you're only 4!!!! SMS me next

  6. syaks, mukhang masaya! hahaha! si boyplen pumunta dati, di ako sinama. wahhhh..

  7. When was it shown on tv? You should have called me and let me know para naman nakita kita sa tv, hehe. My family watch WOWOWEE everyday, walang palya yan..

    Anyway, I enjoyed looking at the photos, you really had fun! Question is, gwapo ba si Willie? lol

    Can't wait to meet you in person soon!

    Debbie :)

  8. I was on Wowowee on April 13, 2007. I had a great time!!!!
    I was actually picked for Bigat 10. Wowowee is much different since then..but the dance was Doo doo doo, a daa daa daa!

  9. we hate seeing owen's face on tv...the show is so much fun except when the cameraman focuses in his face...he is sooooo annoying!!!!!! we hate hate watching him.


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