Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My trip to the US has been indefinitely canceled. Doctor's order. My condition is stable enough but I am still quite "fragile". TIA (trasient ischemic attack) is like a mini stroke and we all know that it could possibly happen again. I am being treated as a stroke patient with cervical spondylosis. I have medications for blood thinner, muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, cholesterol, nerves and high blood. Ideally, I am not allowed to get stressed (bad for cervical spondylosis) thus the anti-anxiety pill. However, I have been stressed by a certain entity and it's actually making my muscles tense up. Breathe in. Breathe out. Sigh. Sometimes life has so many struggles you just can't cope all at once. I was browsing on some San Diego hotel websites and found some real good bargain. You see, I was supposed to go to San Diego too after New Jersey. The trip just have to be momentarily put aside.
Posted by desperateblogger On 4/15/2009 08:05:00 AM 14 comments


  1. I hope you get to travel like planned. My dad has TIA's also, so watch them and take care.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you are sick hope you get well soon.That's a lot of medications.
    God Bless

  3. te'Lena, I know how you feel and looking forward to visit your brother...just relax and health first.
    About 2 years ago I was lying on bed very sick @ the hospital and that time my dad died and trying to convinced my doctors to let me go home to see my dad, but they're all say NO! Its really hard, until I was pretending and showing them that I am okay! but no luck at all!
    I was not able to see for the last time my dad...
    I'll pray for your recovery!

  4. I am also saddened by the fact that your planned trip has been postponed indefinitely due to your health condition. It's times like this that we have to put more trust in God realizing He sees the whole picture of our lives, while see just see an episode at the time. Surely your health issue has happened for a good reason and you might not be able to see that right now. Hang in there my friend and know this trip will happen for you eventually. Get well first, then make those future plans. Praying for your recovery back to good health.

    Friends 4 Life!

  5. @ stuff could...: thanks for the concern. i hopped over at your blog and read some of your posts. they were very inspiring.

    @ Ana: Thanks. =) i read some of your posts and may i say you blog for a cause.

    @ mayette: yes, i remember that. i even asked lenlen why you didn't come home then. siguro nga a there's a reason why i got sick. i just have to trust in Him.

    @ eddie garcia: i always take a double look every time i see your name. you see, the Philippines has a character actor of the same name.=) i know that God has a greater plan for me. being human, i sometimes can't see His plans readily.

    btw, interesting site you have. all about networking...

  6. Like you I am also often blinded by all the negativities that looms my life but as I take one step at a time, God somehow clears the path...

    I hope you'll be well soon.

  7. sometimes life is suck but not every time. I hope you get well soon my friend :)

  8. Howdy? TIA...kala ko Tampa Intl Airport...yan ang airport namin dito...hehehe.

    Anyway, I hope you're relaxed now [ano yun?] and taking things easy...

    Happpy weekend!


  9. Hi po ulit.
    I hope you are getting better relax na maybe you need a vacation near the sea and think about nothing. Actually that's my dream I miss the beach real beach kasi dito hindi kasingganda sa atin but we enjoy walking to get some fresh air medyo super fresh malamig pa rin kasi.

    Btw. I also drop by because its Blog Readers Appreciation Day and you are one of the few who inspires me to blog. And beside you are one of the top bloggers you find time to visit my blog.
    Thank you I God Bless you.

  10. wag pa-stress ms lena, magkaka-wrinkles! hehe!

  11. @ renz: true.true. thanks for the thoughts. i'm learning how to relax and it's not easy.

    @ blogger rise: yes life sometimes sucks but then again there's always a silver lining on every cloud. =)

    @ huling: kaw, talaga... i'm trying to take it easy...but it's not easy taking it easy. hahaha!

    @ Ana: thanks for the suggestion. i'll think about it. =)

    i inspired you to blog?! wow! that must be one of the best compliment i ever received! thank you!=)

  12. @ eMz: you're back from your glamorous vacation! =)

  13. hi.. i've been in that situation before... and that's happened during my final test..

    i hope you get better now.. don't be desperate ok..

  14. Get well soon po. Sending you virtual fruits and flowers *hug*


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