Friday, April 3, 2009

I am now taking six medications. Two of the prescription drugs cause drowsiness. The other one is addictive if taken in large doses. Later, I have a doctor's appointment and I'll talk to him and ask if I need to continue with those three drugs. Daughter #1 said to just stay put and let the doctor do his job. Oh well. The high point or another low point (depends on your food preference) of my aliment is that I'm on a strict low fat and low salt diet. If I keep with this diet, my weight loss pills would be set a side for a bit for I would surely lose weight with my current diet. Great! (Big Grin)
Posted by desperateblogger On 4/03/2009 10:11:00 AM 5 comments


  1. best of luck sa diet lena! ^_^

  2. I already thought you've lost weight....Keep it healthy! and be well always!

  3. Wow, that must be rough. Great site by the way!


  4. Be well, give the body what it needs, which is proper nutrients and things will start to get better. Take control of your own health. Neat blog. All the best!

  5. @ snow: thanks! next time we see each other i hope i've lost enough wait to be as sexy as you are! =) did you sign up for iblog5?

    @ renz: really? sana nga. i intend to lose 20 lbs.

    @ mrsAshley: thanks! i hope you drop by more often.

    @ rena: thank you. i'm on a strict low fat low salt diet now.


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