Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the May 6 NAIA 3 Raymart-Claudine-Tulfo fiasco, who is suing who? Well it seems that both parties filed charges against each other. Ramon Tulfo filed charges of grave coercion and physical injury against the Raymart-Claudine tandem while the same tandem filed physical injury and child abuse against Mon Tulfo. Yes. Child abuse. Looks like Raymart, Claudine and their lawyer just have to add another complaint to even out with Tulfo. I just hope that on that "fateful day",   the children were far enough not to hear  their mom say cuss words to the airline's ground crew.  When the fist fight erupted Claudine should have had the sense to take her children away from the scene instead of  diving into the fist fight herself. I just don't get it. If these were done, then the kids would not have been privy to the fight scene. Ramon Tulfo abused their children? That is funny, if not outright silly.

the "injured thigh" and yellow nail polish
Who threw the first punch? Raymart said it was Tulfo and Tulfo said it was Raymart. Claudine and Raymart claimed Tulfo kicked Claudine that's why Raymart  and his cohorts pulverized Tulfo. Now, why in the heck would Tulfo punch Raymart and kick Claudine? As a media person,  Tulfo is more susceptible to punches from celebrities  ( i.e. paparazzi) than him throwing punches at celebrities.  If he did kick Claudine, I wonder if it was really intentional or  was it accidental?  View the :"famous" fist fight video in slow-motion. It seems like the guy wearing the pink shirt accidentally kicked Claudine.

I almost fell off the chair the other night as I watched Claudine limped her way to the Pasay Police Station to file her complaint. The "limp" meant she was really kicked hard by Tulfo which does not make sense since her thigh bore only smudges of dirt as seen in the photo that I sourced from TV Patrol.. There was no reddening of the affected area. For someone as fair as Claudine, the tell tale sign of bruising should have been evident at once. What can I say?  Is that even a shoeprint? It it was indeed a shoeprint, is part of  NAIA3 muddy?   Looks like oil streak to me. Call CIS!  Well, I guess the medico legal examiner took care of that. According to GMA News, Claudine reached out to Gabriela for help. I wonder if the two female ground crew of Cebu Pac reached out to Gabriela too. Gabriela is a NGO women's advocate group in the Philippines.

I am not a fan of Claudine or Raymart (but I do like Randy!) I certainly am not a follower of Tulfo or his brothers (it was only yesterday that I found out that he has 2 other brother other than Erwin). The bottom line is this day and age of social media and citizen journalists, the media (is even more) entitled to take pictures, videos,  report and express opinion on anything and everything under the Pinoy sun.  That is their privilege. Public figures have the responsibility to act accordingly and not use their status to lambast the common people. Airlines must be more responsible and responsive with their passengers' needs and luggage! Peace!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/10/2012 10:12:00 AM 4 comments


  1. naku ms lena, kung hindi naman nagwala sa airport si claudine in the first place eh di wala sana silang problema ngayon. 3rd strike na daw ni claudine sa naia yan, karma na siguro.

  2. @emz - sabi nga. nauna raw ang PAL.:)

  3. my opinion is....the showbiz couple started it all. plus i think they are just making stories na lang bec they have no video events of what they are accusing Tulfo, but Tulfo had a YouTube video to support his claims and we can see on the video that he was really beaten up by a group of people: reymart, the guy in pink shirt & claudine.and the smudge on claudines left leg is very suspicious. and when she gets to press conferences about their case she always come out now wearing jeans! if that left thighreally hurts i wouldn't wear jeans, right? Plus she came in TV one day walking with a cane, but she was holding it on her right hand!! what the....????!!! i thought it was her left leg that was hurt? she really is an actress!

  4. @ mimay: your comment is so funny yet so true! :))


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