Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The :LRT Santolan incident between a certain passenger named Paula Jamie Salvosa and  LRT lady guard Sharon Mae Casinas that occurred on November 13, 2012,  was partly captured on video by Gregory Paulo Llamoso. On the same day, Llamoso uploaded the video on Facebook and on YouTube (for his 15 seconds of fame and glory.)

The video went viral. It was trending in social networking sites more so in Twitter with the hashtag AMALAYER,  which was deduced from the way the lady passenger pronounced  "I'm a liar".  The media,  social networking sites and other microblogging sites had a field day, all at the expense of Paula Jaime Salvosa. She was finally pressured into defending herself  as she granted GMA News an interview. According to Miss Salvosa, it was the lady guard who first raised her voice and grabbed her arm. Salvosa claimed that she would not have acted that way if the lady guard was courteous to her in the first place. You can read the story and watch the video here.

My two cents?  The video taken by Llamoso did not show the whole incident though. The LRT admin should have watched the incident recorded through the LRT's CCTV system. . The lady guard's back faced the cellphone camera of Llamoso that it was impossible to hear what she was saying.  Paula Jamie Salvosa was quite articulate in expressing her thoughts. The video clearly showed that she was pissed by the action of the lady guard. True, she could have handled the situation in a more tacit manner but who am I to judge her actions?  I think I would definitely blow my top too if a guard grabs me or my personal stuff. Truth be told, there are plenty of guards in establishments in Manila who feel that they have the power over  lowly commuters (LRT & MRT) and consumers (SM & Puregold). I'm sure we have all had our less than stellar "episodes" with security guards. I am not irked with Miss Salvosa. She is actually a victim all because she was articulate enough to express her displeasure with the lady guard. The lady guard was also a victim for she took the ire of Salvosa. 

Why do Filipinos love to "judge" and express sympathy to someone based on a video that does not present all the facts? I think Paul Gregory Llmoso was irresponsible in uploading the video as it did not show the flow of the incident from start to finish. Because of his video upload, the safety of Puala Jaime Salvosa has been compromised. She said she is now scared of commuting via LRT as there might be some persons who feels compelled to hurt her. Both the lady guard and Ms. Salvosa have been humiliated by the video too. I would not be surprised if Salvosa files a case against Llmoso. 

Beware, people of the Philippines. Do not blow your top when in public places. Thanks to smug vigilants and technology, your tantrums could be caught on video then uploaded on the internet before you can say "yoralayer". Wait, ism't this a case of invasion of privacy?

Posted by desperateblogger On 11/20/2012 02:04:00 PM 2 comments


  1. I share your sentiments. I think that the posting of the vid online was very unfair for both the guard and Salvosa. Pinoys love underdogs that's why many immediately sided with the guard. You're right. Many guards have an air of attitude. Daming bastos even inside the malls. Salvosa went a bit far but if provoked, I would've blown my top too.

  2. @ The Mommist: I too would have reacted the same way if a guard grabbed me by the arm. Thank you for sharing your view.


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