Monday, April 9, 2012

Tabby just turned 10 months old! Yey! She has become more active to the point that I now find it hard keeping her still. She pulls herself up when placed in her crib or playpen. She tends to climb down beds and seats which is actually fruitless as she can't walk yet. We bought her this "walking wings" which is a type of walking aid that she wears like a vest. Is it useful and effective? Well, I guess so as Tabby is certainly having a great time "walking".

I tend to put toys in her playpen and crib so she could play with them. I believe that toys are not just for entertainment but serve as brain stimulants. I especially prefer construction and puzzles. I also make sure that Tabby has her share of musical toys to expose her to different tones, tempos and rhythm. She is presently enrolled in Gymboree and she really enjoys the interaction with other babies her age. I make sure that she gets to listen to classical music too as there are studies that show that classical music, especially the compositions of Mozart, do stimulate the brain. In case this study is unfounded, well, surely there’s nothing wrong in listening to classical music.

Ethan adored his dancing and talking Elmo when he was just toddler. I was able to keep “Elmo” in storage and brought it out for Tabby. Oh she just adores Elmo’s sing and dance act. She actually laughs so hard that my tendency (and the rest of her adoring fans) is laugh with her too. She loves her other stuffed toys too! She loves that talking Teddy Bear that says “I love you Tabitha”.

I wonder what are the latest stuffed animals from Toys R Us now? It’s a good thing that there’s a store 10 kilometers from my house. This makes toy shopping more convenient. Maybe I could just drop by and window-shop. While I am at it, I should maybe look around for an inflatable pool for Tabby. Yup! It’s summer time and that means fun-backyard-inflatable pool swimming for Tabby!

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