Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ethan and I grabbed an opportunity that was presented to us. We were offered to go on an all-expense-paid Hong Kong trip! Yey! Ethan is so excited because he will finally see Disneyland. It's a protocol to secure a travel permit for a minor not traveling with a parent. Armed with the necessary birth certificate and letter of consent from his mommy, we trooped to the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The processing was a nightmare as the case worker was insistent on having Ethan's biological father sign the consent. Where is Ethan's father? Who the heck knows?! We have not seen him for the last five years, since his marriage to my daughter was annulled. So, we had to produce affidavits left and right, and so on and so forth. Finally, after two whole days of long lines, long waits and driving back and forth, I finally have Ethan's travel permit.

My next worry now is Ethan's immunization. I can't remember if his immunizations are all current. Daughter #1 said he missed a couple of booster shots but that is fine since we've all had our flu shots lately. With the swine-flu scare world wide, I guess I am not overly reacting for our health. I do take multi-vitamins but at my age and current afflictions, I think it would be wise for me to take immune system boosters pills. I read the the supplement increases an individual's immune system, increases energy and vitality. It is safe to use and anyone who has the sense to improve his health therefore extending his life span would do well to take this health supplement. A study done by Bristol-Myers Squibb K-PAX Immune Support Formula could strengthen the immune system and the results were published as a “Rapid Communication” in The Journal of AIDS in August 2006. I better ask my doctor is I could take this supplement with my current medications. Meantime, I have to think of how to pack light.
Posted by desperateblogger On 7/11/2009 07:15:00 AM 13 comments


  1. wow ang sarap, sama ko!!!! happy trip!=)

  2. Enjoy your Hongkong trip on Monday! Surely Ethan will have so much fun!

    See you when you get back!

  3. Wow, have a nice trip Lena! ^_^

  4. finally, enjoy!!!pasalubong!!!!

  5. Travel to see you feel you can see enjoy the fun of travel, I sometimes feel that even if the work should have put to rest. The best way to rest I feel that it is to travel. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Enjoy your trip... have fun!

  7. YaY! I'm jumping for/with joy kasi you're finally getting some well-deserved break! Medyo nag alala ako kasi sunod sunod ang posts mo na na-stress's like once a week. Kung meron lang akong private jet, I would have sent it your way to take you away from all that...kaso poooor pa rin ako eh....hahaha.

    Seriously, enjoy the trip! You deserve the break!


  8. @ cherry: sige. next time! sa US tayo punta. puntahan natin lahat mga mom bloggers na kilala natin.

    @ sheng: yeah... see you next week!

    @ snow: thanks! i will!

    @ mayette: lol, kaw nga dapat magpasalubong eh. andyan sa canada yong maganda kong bilas ah...

    @ eric: thanks for the hop.

    @ huling: ethan is so excited to see HK Disney. padala mo na nag yong eroplano mo dito at dyan naman sa disneyworld magawi. hwag yong eroplanong papel ha!

  9. @ czaroma: thanks for the good wishes.

  10. wow! enjoy your trip with Ethan.

  11. Congratulations. Ethan is one lucky kid :)

  12. Kelan lipad nyo? Yung eroplano ko pinagagawa ko pa. Hopefully pwedeng gawa sa aluminum foil....o at least hindi papel....hehe....

    Anong bago?


  13. Hi mommies! If you have a few seconds to spare, please take this really short (8 easy questions) survey on

    This is for a school research (Ateneo). I'm sure your kids have/will also experience/d this. Thank you!


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