Monday, July 27, 2009

Last week was "hell" week. I did not even have time to open my emails nor update my blog because I was too busy taking care of the little details, arranging final rehearsals, being stressed out of my wits because the costumes and our Filipiniana-inspired gowns were not yet done. The son of my seamstress has been confined in the hospital because of seizures and my poor seamstress had no time nor the presence of mind to finish our clothes. I had to prompt daughter #1 to intervene for our gowns and costumes depended on it. Talk about weight loss pills, stress, apprehension, and harassment may be the best ever combination for one. To cut a long and winding story short, on the eve of my mother-in-law's birthday, after the final rehearsal for the production number, daughter #1 and I were at the seamstress' shop waiting for our gowns and other unfinished costumes. By 11:15 P.M., the clothes were done and we went home to sleep and be ready for the following day's big occasion. It was very remiss of me not to have fitted the top of my two-piece ensemble while at the seamstress'. Yes, the top did not fit! It was very loose! I must have lost weight. I was up until 2:00 A.M. trying to fix my top. Finally, I decided that all was lost and I just had to rush to SM first thing in the morning. Suddenly, daughter #2 came barging in my room. " Mom! my clothes don't fit either. The top and pants are too tight!". Luckily daughter #2 has a spare Muslim costume in her closet. She just had to wear that for the party.

I was up and about at 6:30 A.M., called all the who I had to called, packed my things and Ethan's (for my kids and I had to check-in at the venue)saw to it that the props were on their way to the venue, and all other nitty-gritty details that could make anyone's head explode. Alas, by 10:10 A.M. I was in the women's fitting room of SM. I even bumped into 3 more invited guests for the party who were also in a mad rush to buy a Filipiniana outfit. The beaded, embroidered and ridiculously priced kimona top was not really my type but I just had no more time to spare.
Posted by desperateblogger On 7/27/2009 07:56:00 AM 3 comments


  1. Aduy! Hell week nga. At least you lost weight? How was the main event? Last year you uploaded a video with the Apos dancing [?]...parang impromptu yun...

    Hoping to see some videos and/or peechuress of course.

    Now you can breathe easily kaso tapos na...or can you? Baka naman meron pang nakahilerang other commitments. Wag naman....


  2. oh,a lot has been published at FB na. kaya lang i'm waiting for the pro pics and vids. the edited vids will take 3 week pa raw kaya siguro i'll post the vid from D4's digicam once she has uploaded it in FB.

    the ff day i was ninang sa kasal. that night, debut of a niece.tired but contented as the guests were all very impressed with the event.

  3. nakisilip ako ng pictures sa FB ng daughter mo :D.... grabeee pinaghandaan talaga! daming production numbers.

    congrats, you did an excellent job!



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