Friday, February 29, 2008

taTagged again and again. I have seen nothing like this before:the tagging, being tagged, getting awards and issuing out awards. I can truly say only in the Philippines or only the Filipinos can think of this tagging game. I received three tags today. The 3rd tag has some issues since the blog names have no links. The two other tags are basically the same.I'll just combine the two lists to simplify matters.

Peachy Thea Childstar Mike My Scrappy Side Abie Aggie Alpha Apple Apols Andrea Jacqui Jane Jody Joy Kelly Mich Peachy Geo Lis LisLo LisaTexas BabeLisa Lowrey apple joey allinkorea umsik idealpinkroserickarickavieves weblink cheersgerlgentomsgingmunchkingenevericKavinMars
JK youuuuuuuuuu Lena:desperateblogger

To all those being tagged, bear with it. This tagging will add to your technorati authority and maybe increase your SEO plus you get to know more bloggers! You, the tagged one, has the option to reject or play along. It's really up to you. No Pressure.

That being said, I now tag: Filipina In Hawaii FLIP' antasticWEB Pinay Mommy Online Money Money Money LightsNshaDes My Daily Ramblings Splice and Dice Pipit Blog Noypi Tayo BrainLoopsBlog

To a couple of serious political writers that i tagged, Bear with me! Add your blog right after mine then go tag at least 5 bloggers! Have a nice day!
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/29/2008 08:41:00 AM 3 comments


  1. hi mommy lena, thanks for tagging me. i really appreciate it.

  2. Thanks to you mom for tagging me , i really appreciate it. I am new on blogging though i have heard this tagging. In my seriousness on blogging articles about the crisis in our country i am short for time in my SEO though i have a rank of 8 in technorati. Your tagged will surely help i believe that. I will follow you later.

  3. Hi Lena,

    Salamat sa message you left in my blog. No one could have said it better than you. My little one is a bit under the weather right now and it is times like this when I am really thankful that I don't have to ask somebody's permission to take care of my little one.

    Take care always...



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