Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fruit-flavored Hookah

That was the idiom I read as I was about to click the submission button to a forum post I have commented on. I refreshed and kept on refreshing the page so that I could read more of the inane phrases: Gosh, I’m speakless!; Alindog (me), dehins goli [not taking a bath], dahan-dahan lang sa pindot [caution in pushing], isusumbong kita sa nanay ko [I’ll tell on you to my mother]; I don’t care a damn!; Gloria, you’re so kaka [no idea what that means, but it sounds funny]. Of course the Pinoy humor is lost in the English translation; and of course, most Pinoys don’t really speak or write incorrect English syntax.

Are you familiar with Filipino Forums? Well, this kind forum is actually a group of people (with nothing better to do?), posting and commenting on different subjects, topics, and what-have-you under the sun. It is sort of a modern-day-cyber-round-table-discussion group. Some of the main categories are love and intimacy, arts and entertainment, politics, religion, fitness and health, jokes and humor, family, parenting, women, jobs, school stuff, poetry… name it, the forum probably has it.Members post questions, statements, news, thoughts, and ideals in the category that they choose.

My favorite is the Random Thoughts category. I, personally, would like to rename the category to Nonsensical Posts. The posts are funny, absurd and definitely senseless. Here is a sample post: Please help: What is the difference between loving patiently and patient loving? Oh, there were lots of comments on that one. The “help” comments were hilarious and well-meaning but no one actually gave a correct answer. What about the posted question: When was the last time you cried? This post was a hit!! One member said she cried 3 months ago while on a retreat: another said he cried when his girlfriend left him for another guy last December: still another one said she is crying right now reading all the corny post. Oh well, the forum is just living up to its motto: tambayan ng mga walang magawa sa buhay. (Roughly: where the ne’er do well meets)

I figured I should edit my profile for me to better establish myself in forums. I click edit profile. A drop down menu unfolded: job choices: chillen, billionaire, pimp, vampire, porn star, smurf, smurfette, retired, student…dating status: confused, dumped, do me now!, player, open to suggestions… body type: slim, athletic, more to hug, a little extra… sexual orientation: bi, straight, not sure, gay, no answer… Sigh! This is harder that I thought. I’ll update next time..ummm, maybe never.

What about you? Go ahead. Join a Filipino Forum. I dare you.
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/16/2008 08:39:00 AM 4 comments


  1. i'm so tempted to go into that forum but i'm scared that i might get sucked up! worse start a forum called ''let's swing'' you know, exchange partners, hahaha! oh wow, that's an idea hmmmmmm...... JOKE lang noh!

  2. sige lang. click the link and join. nakakatawa dun. puro loko at loka an dun

  3. i am an addict in that forum. hahaha. thats why i am here. i clicked your link on a comment. im glad youre enjoying your stay. :]

  4. hey jetsteam! mabuhay mga addict ng tcafe!!


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