Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The much-awaited Park Bo Gum Fan Meet (FM) in Manila on June 22, 2019 at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena went off without a glitch. The supposedly simple and short FM turned out to be probably one of the best surprises in the life of Bogummy’s fans and admirers.


Because the second part of PBG's FM turned out to be a well-scripted, well-directed, and well-choreographed, full-blown Park Bo Gum concert. It was one fun party!

The Long Wait is Over 

Ticket-holders to PBG’s FM started lining up outside MOA Arena at 3:00 PM as the venue was to open a 4:00 PM. In queue were fans of varying status, ages, creeds and nationalities. It was easy enough to spot fans from Japan and China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. But spotting fans from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia was not as easy.

There were groups of PBG fans clad in matching shirts. There were mothers with their teen kids in tow, as well as grown-up children with their elderly mothers in tow. If there were any medical emergencies during the FM, then the numerous medical doctors among the audience would have taken action.

The Fan Meet Begins! 

Various shots of Park Bo Gum were shown 

Standing in line,  with sweat steaming down one’s forehead, neck and back, the more than 18 thousand fans of Park Bo Gum were all excited to meet the culmination of the 2-month wait for Park Bo Gum’s Asia Tour in Manila Fan Meet.

Anne Curtis as Host to Park Bo Gum’s Fan Meet

The event venue steadily filled up with people. By 5:30 P.M., the arena was only half-way filled and I sat wondering if Bogummy’s FM was a failure due to its postponement. However, by 6:00 P.M, the arena, saved for the upper bleachers, was almost filled to the rafters. By 6:20 P.M. the show started with the showing of clips on the 6 LCD screens.

The screaming and shouting of excited fans reached an eardrum-breaking decibel when the stage backdrop slowly started to lift- showing first a pair of shoes, then straight slim pants, the hem of a coat, the jacket front, the collar lapel, then finally the beautiful face of Bogummy. Singing the song, I Like You by Day 6, Park Bo Gum mesmerized his Manila fans.

I would have wanted to use my own video clip but because I couldn't decide whether to watch or video the event. I was mostly filming heads and out-of-focused views. 

MS Anne Curtis was spontaneous, albeit quite anxious as host. She greeted Bo Gum in Korean and was greatly appreciated for the effort. The first half of the Fan Meet was comprised of Q&A for PBG, audience participation, giving of prizes to pre-selected ticket holders and a segment wherein Bogummy made an on-the-spot diffuser for a very lucky audience. Of course, I did not get selected, nor anyone in VIP Coral 3 section.

Anne Curtis interviews Park Bo Gum in English.  There was an interpreter but the need for one hardly arose. Bogummy speaks good Engish. Even the accent  and enunciation are highly acceptable. 
One of MS Curtis’ questions to Park Bo Gum was what are the three things that he wishes to accomplish before he is 40 years old. In English, Bo Gum said that first , he wants to be married and have a baby before he hits 40. The collective awwww (paiting! good choice) and waaaaa (Whut?! You want to marry someone else and not me?) of the audience brought a huge smile on Bogummy’s perfectly bowed lips.

Second, Park Bo Gum said he wishes to study abroad. He was not very specific what course to pursue but knowing that he has a BA in Musical Theater, he would probably wish to take up masters in this field. Third on his agenda is for him to do an international film. I am not really sure which country he wishes to do a film. Probably in Hollywood much like Lee Joon Ki (Resident Evil: Final Chapter). Anne Curtis also asked Park Bo Gum if he has any bad habit he wishes to drop. Bo Gum said yes but refused to say what that bad habit is. Hmmm….

Boguumy asked the audience if they prefer him to have his hair short or long. Personally, both styles suit him, and he thinks so too.

Audience Participation 

There were three lucky girls chosen to participate in re-enacting 3 of the 5 famous scenes of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye-kyo in the K-drama Encounter. 

  • Participant 1 did the scene where Hye-kyo’s head was leaning against Bo Gum’s shoulders. 
  • Participant 2 was a Korean halmeoni, PBG and her reenacted the scene wherein Kim Jin-hyuk (PBG) place a scarf around Cha Soo-hyun’s (SHK) neck.  
  • The third scene was where Kim Jin-hyuk hugged Cha Soo-hyun from the back. However, PBG only positioned himself at the back of participant 3 and posed for the camera. Each participant was given a photo of their reenactment. 

PBG had a selection of items to be placed in a diffuser  jar. The jar’s bottom was filled with sand, and mini items such as banana, watermelon, eighth note, and more. The jar was then filled with liquid paraffin. Once the scented paraffin hardens, the jar becomes a scent diffuser. 

Busy with his diffuser-making project
He was so funny as he tried to look for the girl who was picked to get the diffuser. Bogummy was trying to find out the name of the girl so he can dedicate the diffuser to her.  M? P? - asked Bogummy. It was Meg... I think...
Then a table filled with personal items from PBG were shown. The winners were already pre-selected. Again, I was not included. Curtis and Park exited stage left, promising to come back. I was thinking that Park Bo Gum would probably sing a couple or three more songs to cap the Fan Meet.

Boy, was I wrong!

(to be continued)
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