Friday, May 24, 2013

The recent Philippine general elections have been canvassed. The quick canvassing of votes was brought about by computerized voting and tallying. There were "horror" stories regarding incidents pertaining to the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scanner) machine but nothing came out of those reports.

The election was for 12 senators (national level) and for governor, vice-gov.,  congressman, board member, mayor, vice-mayor and 6 councilors (local level). I voted for 5 senators, and only one got in. How sad that two or three of those in the magic 12 are not qualified to handle their new job. How sad that the fate of the nation are decided upon by those who do not know hoot about the present state of the nation. How sad that a arge majority of these voters were either swayed by the candidate's charisma or moolah.

It seems that, one should be an "artista" first before running for an office. It seems that one should be a son, a daughter, a nephew, a niece, a wife or a husband of a past official to ensure his/her winning his/her candidacy.

Myriam Santiago is right. The qualifications for candidates and voters should be changed! In the Philippines, a law enforcer is mandated to be a college graduate. In the Philippines,a candidate is only required to be able to read, write and a  resident of the locality he is representing for a year . In the Philippines, even the illiterate can vote. In the Philippines, it is normal to buy votes. In the Philippines, idiot voters beget idiot officials.

Oh my Philippines... when will you learn?
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