Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The last activity I attended at SISC was at my son’s high school graduation. My son is in his fifth year at the University of the Philippines. I am still amazed at how time flew. What have I been doing since April 2007? Aside from monitoring my son’s studying I am basically the primary caregiver, driver, tutor and friend of my one and only grandson.

Ethan is going on 9 this September. When he was 4 years old he was independently diagnosed by two doctors and one psycho-therapist that he has a learning disability called dyslexia. Knowing nothing about this type of learning disability, the whole family strove to know the how's and why's of this LD (learning disability) We thought that it was best for Ethan to attend a smaller school so we chose a supposedly “progressive” school for Ethan’s preschool education.

He was doing alright in preschool. His school seemed to be sufficient so we decided to let Ethan continue his basic education there. For 2 more years my grandson stayed in that small school. I beginning to question the curriculum and methods of teaching employed by the teachers. I was not happy since I kept on comparing SISC’s curriculum and syllabi. However, I was not leaning on transferring Ethan to a big school such as SISC because I was afraid that he will not be able to cope because of his dyslexia.

When a teacher cannot spell the word camouflage and cannot distinguish dessert from desert, it is time to change school.

The whole family concurred that SISC is our only option for Ethan. He was about to enter grade 3 so I decided to drop by the PR office to make inquiries.

I dropped by SISC and proceeded to the PR office. I saw Ms. Candy, still as pretty as the first day we met back in 1995. I also saw Ms. Avic, my 4th daughter’s Prep teacher in 1993. I saw Ms.Noli who prefers to be called “lola” by Ethan. A few minutes later I saw Sir Jerry and we exchanged pleasantries. Sir Rolf and I also talked a bit. It was the Upper School graduation day so I saw a lot of my son’s old teachers and they all asked about my son. They asked me what I was doing at Southville. I answered that I was considering SISC for my grandson.

Before I knew it, an hour has passed. The afternoon brought back memories spanning 14 years (1993-2007).If I count my 2nd daughter’s teaching years at SISC (2003 up to present), my affinity with SISC spans 18 years!

Ethan is now a grade 3 newbie at SISC. It’s as if “we’re home”.
Posted by desperateblogger On 7/12/2011 12:03:00 AM 2 comments


  1. Southville really is incomparable to any other school. It's as if once you've experienced it, you'll long for it. Southville alumna here. :D I was a student of Ms.Icka back in grade school. :D -- Marj

  2. @ marj: really? i'll tell her. :)


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