Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is it just me? I have been so stressed with Ethan's Math topics. The school's syllabus and curriculum in Math is so over the top. My grade 2 grandson has been trying to absorb information such as right, acute and obtuse angles. Shapes such as parallelogram, rhombus, scalene et al. He is also being made to "calculate" for the area and parameter of objects, some of which are irregular shapes. I asked Ethan if his classmates are faring well and he said that one of the top girl students already cried twice as she can't understand the subject. I have written the teacher several times but she has not answered me herself as the principal(?)/directress (?)has been the one answering my queries. Seems like "they" feel good about their torturing err, tutoring. I have been questioning their curriculum as it seems like theirs is a hit or miss thing. The school is a newbie in primary education and I think they lack the effective consultants. The teachers are all new graduates. I know for sure that at least two teachers are not qualified preschool and primary teachers. Heck! I am not even sure if the principal(?)/directress(?) are board passers!

You may ask "So why did you enroll Ethan in that school?" In fairness the school's preschool program is good. The preschool curriculum is progressive and highly nurturing. Ethan's batch is the pioneer batch in grade school and I guess the little school was not ready to handle graders. Time to transfer school...
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/06/2011 02:21:00 PM 9 comments


  1. sometimes schools are being ridiculous, they want to show that their curriculum is the best by making the topics in the subjects higher than the supposed level. they don't care about the stress that these can cause to students. it's sad how education has become competition and business.

    Elvira's Roundabout

  2. Wow, that's too much for a grade 2 student. I thought my grade 3 daughter is already advanced in their studies but when I learned about that of your grandson ... wow ... that's torture. No wonder there are lots of students who are already tired of studying when they reached high school.

  3. Oh wow. I can't believe grade 2 students are now being taught on angles, rhombus, parallelogram, etc! If my memory serves me right, I learned about these things when I was in grade 4 or 5!

    By the way, I building a blogroll for my new blog and I hope I could exchange links with you? :) Thanks in advance!

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  4. I'm encountering the same difficulty with my 8YO son who's also in his 2nd grade at a Montessori school. Sometimes I feel like I have to do some reviewing myself just to catch up and teach him. He has zoology, botany and geometry as well.

  5. @ elvie: hahaha, yes i agree!

    @ pinoy working mom: i just don't understand why some schools want to be "advance" whereas they have not even mastered the basics.

    @ mars: sure on the exchange links. i'll link you now.

    @ anonymous: oh wow! i had the same problem last quarter as my grandson has to tackle animals and plants too.

  6. omg, ganyan na ba ngayon? gwen will be in grade 1 this coming school year. susme, makaya sana nya lahat.

    uy, join ka sa giveaway ko. nga pala, why don't you transfer this blog to wordpress? yun kay cielo of brown pinay, bigla na lang dinelete ng google. good thing it was restored after so many apelas.

    transfer mo na. and join my giveaway!=)

  7. @ cherry: depends on the school's curriculi yon. i guess kung established na yong school tested na yong curriculi nila kaya hindi na suntok sa buwan. working on transferring this blog na nga. how do i do that?!

  8. naku, ang dami steps. si mommy ruby of pinaymommyonline does transfers for a minimal fee. ang mabigat is the fee for getting your own hosting. bluehost kase ako.

    before ka transfer, scout ka muna ng webhost.

  9. when my daughter had a hard time before, i put her in an advancement class, just to help her cope. schools today make their curriculum harder and some kids just need all the help they can get. i enrolled my little sophie in ahead tutorial and okay naman.

    i was amazed na grade 5 had algebra na!


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