Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The end of the school year is fast approaching. After 2 months of praying for guidance, we have finally decided to transfer Ethan to a new school. His current school does not meet his needs anymore. We told Ethan about the move and he is not so happy about it. Teary-eyed, he asked "why?" He said he will miss his friends. We told him, you will make new ones. We also explained that we feel that his present school does not have the capability to teach the right curriculum for grade 2.

It pained me to review Ethan on division one week, then perimeter of regular and irregular areas the following week, then computing the area of irregular shapes the next week. It pained me to review Ethan about light refraction, reflection, absorption, prism et al when he does not even know that light travels faster than sound. It pained me to see that instead of teaching how to read notes, their teacher was doing movable do!

D2 said the Math and Science subjects taught are for levels 5 and 6. I say the movable do thing in music is for high school students who know how to read notes. When the teacher does not even know the difference between desert and dessert, it is time to seriously consider a move to another school. In fairness, the preschool division is superior but the grade school is still a far cry from established schools. In its want to be "different" and "progressive" the school is still in a "hit or miss" stage regarding what it takes to be one.
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/22/2011 07:49:00 AM 2 comments


  1. I hear yah!I hope ethan would adjust well in his new school. we enrolled our son in a private school here in Iowa for 2nd grade. He attended Letran last year. Thankfully, he is enjoying his time in his new school. He still has a lot to learn, language wise (english is just our second language), but he is happy because HE IS NOT UNDER PRESSURE HERE. I know how our curriculum in the PHilippines tend to overwhelm kids so much (and moms too!). God bless

  2. @ pearl: oh i'm glad for your son. you said it, there's too much memorization without understanding the concept of the subject here. however, there are schools here that are good as they teach developmentally appropriate syllabi. thanks for dropping by.


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