Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just when school is about to start, my two maids decided to leave me hanging. The older one left some 3 weeks ago because her 2-year old was sick. Unless my older maid is secretly a doctor, I can't find logic why she needed to go home. Logistics dictate otherwise. She has no money and she still owes me. I told her that she should just send money but she said she wants to go home. So I let her go. A few days later she sent me a message asking if I could send her the money and then some so she could come back. I refused to answer because in truth I really don't want her working for me anymore since that time that she let her pregnant daughter drop by my house when the whole family was out. My older maid even had the tenacity to ask D1 for free pregnancy vitamins. Anyway, older maid is out of the equation.

The younger maid left a few days ago. The little squirk was related to older maid. They both told me that younger maid is 18. The mother of younger maid came over and asked if she could get her just turned 16 daughter. No problem. Take her away.

I think I just about had it with maids. But! no matter. I need one. No. Make that two.
Posted by desperateblogger On 6/02/2010 09:48:00 PM 6 comments


  1. that's the problem with having maids in the house, be lenient and they'll abused.. hope you'll find one soon.

  2. Oh maids! They always give us trouble. I have 2 here at home and I always caught them sleeping plus they are late riser. Grrrrrrr... If I could only find better than them as soon as possible well I'll return them to the mountain.

  3. @ josie: if only we could be superwoman, who needs maids?!

    @ dhurianne: hahaha.. mine prefers to watch TV the moment i leave the house.

  4. moms are really very precious and being with their children is very much important to them. but with the difficulties in the household, maids are the ones that we often think that could help us... moms need a break.


  5. Last month, the yaya of our five-year-old daughter came home after a three-day vacation and told us she was experiencing symptoms of an old malady. So she asked us to relieve her, but promised to find a replacement before leaving.

    Such bad timing, I told her during our monthly pep talk right after telling us of her intent to leave.

    Now, the maid in charge of house chores wants to leave, too.

    Sigh. Where are the reliable maids of old when you need them?

  6. having giveaway at my blog, maids I want also but its costly here.


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