Monday, April 5, 2010

The crabby and dirty former apartment of my son contributed a lot in peppering my son's face with with pimples. My son sees to it that his part of the bedroom, including bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets, are always clean. The problem is his apartment mates are the epitome of unparalleled sloth! At first I was surprised that empty water bottles, candy wrappers, food containers and even dirty underpants were found under the bed. Dirty plates and other kitchen utensils were piled high in the kitchen sink.

I actually have misgivings on having the same flat mates for my son. The thing is I have no options right now. What makes it more irritating is the fact that I seem to be the only mother looking earnestly for an apartment. Why? Why do I feel obligated?!

In the meantime, I have a need to read on some acne medicine reviews to find the right acne medicine for my son. It has gotten to a point where the root cause of the acne is plain old dirt!
Posted by desperateblogger On 4/05/2010 10:46:00 AM 4 comments


  1. "...I seem to be the only mother looking earnestly for an apartment. Why?"

    Kasi ikaw lang ang may PUSO! Ang sarap naman upakan nung mga ibang magulang na walang paki! Kunsyensya na lang nila....kung meron sila.

    Nagalit tuloy ako....hahaha. Ano ng bago dyan? Lapit na kayo magbakasyon sa Palawan? Woo hoooo....



  2. @ huling: ewan ko ba! nakakainis na nga e. sa akin na lang lagi naka-asa.

    lapit na nga... stressed na nga ako kasi ang ko pang gagawin... waaaaaaaaaa

    tell M, ihanda na nya pera nya at ihahanap ko na sya ng isang island dun. okay na ba cullion island?

  3. Uy grabe....wag mo syang i tempt at baka kumagat biglang bumila ng isla sa Palawa. Meron atang nakabaong ginto itong asawa ko eh di sinasabi sa akin....hahaha...

    Gano kayo katagal sa Palawan? Peak season high ba ang accommodations dun ngayon?


  4. @ huling: 5 days. hindi naman. mga 3,600 plane ticket and 8,000 for accommodation with food na. the place is an island. no kuryente. generator lang sa gabi. will bring laptop and broadband. baka sakali may signal.


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