Saturday, February 11, 2012

What ever happened to the "memes" that used to flood blogsites? I remember the days when other bloggers "tag" and "link" other bloggers through awards and more awards that come our way. Now that was a clever way to get linked and truth be told, that was one of the ways I got links in 0ther websites.

Is is just me or has this linking phenomenon had had its heyday? True, true. I got so busy with freelancing that I've set aside my bloggging. Yes, it was my fault that I lost contact with other bloggers. Maybe the meme-thing is still thriving and it's just me that is out of the game. I miss my blogger friends. I have not communicated with them for some time now. Hey friends! Where are you?

I think I need to drop by their blogs and say "hi" - that is if I could remember all their websites.
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/11/2012 05:56:00 PM 3 comments


  1. Do you remember the 8, 7, 12, 10...things about me Memes? Hahaha....alang katapusang meme. I blogged about this as well a few weeks ago. I guess we're both missing those here, blog awards here...hehe....ngayon ala na...

    Di na rin ako nakaka pag hop masyado kasi bisi kuno....hay buhay...

    Ingat lagi...


  2. @ huling:oo! tsaka ang dami nating awards... hindi na mabilang. i checked some of the blogs that i used to visit.. yours is one of the few that is updated. yong iba 2 years ago pa. nagsawa na sa blog.

  3. few years ago, bumabaha pa talaga ng mga tag at blog awards, i also miss doing that, and in na ngayon is weekly meme..:) visiting from PMC, happy weekend and i hope to see you around


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