Saturday, February 13, 2010

I have never intentionally celebrated Valentine's Day. I used to give my parents Valentine school projects where I had to string paper hearts (and label each heart papa, mama, myself and my brother,) then tie the stringed hearts on my parents' bedroom door, wait for them to see my work of art, for them to say thank you and that's that. Valentine wasn't as exciting as Christmas where I get tons of gifts and loads of food. At the age of 8, Valentine was of no consequence to me.

I went to an all-girl's high school and yes, girls were not in the habit of giving out Valentine cards to their girl classmates too. I must have received my first Valentine card and a bunch of roses when I was 17, but I really can't remember. What stuck though was the fact that though I had a lot of "admirers" back when Guy and Pip were the nemesis of Vi and Bot, no one seemed to be keen Valentine gifters too. Maybe these experiences traumatized me and then genetically passed on to my girls for they too are not keen on celebrating Valentine. In truth, it's a pagan tradition that Christians have no obligation to observe.

Anyway, pagan or no pagan, I received three roses from one of the men in my life, Ethan. He unceremoniously dumped the three roses on me and said " Happy Valentine's Day mom!" When I told him that Valentine is tomorrow yet he just shrugged his shoulders and left. I don't know where he got the roses, probably from my son who I am not in speaking terms because of our differences in opinion about a certain long-haired mouse. But that's another story.

Tomorrow is Hearts Day. I guess there'd be a lot of guys out there who would need some form of testosterone booster to build up self-confidence in baring their hearts to the one. Puh-leeze!! Hahaha... am I bitter or what?!

Posted by desperateblogger On 2/13/2010 11:20:00 PM 2 comments


  1. Happy Balentyms! Unceremoniously dumped the three roses.....romantic ha? Hahaha....hey, it's the count that thoughts, ok?

    Itong amin naman exaggerated ang lahat ng may marka sa kalendaryo. She's been babbling about it for days. Everyday she'd say: I almost forgot, it's Valentine's Day on Sunday....and she says that numerous times everyday. LOL. I don't think she got it from us kasi we don't make a big deal of vday or bdays. TV, maybe? Hahaha...

    Anyway, na intriga naman ako dun sa long haired daga....bwa hahaha....


  2. @ huling: romantic yang baby mo! ay! kahaba ng buhok ng daga... sarap sabunutan... ang arte!!!! as in!!!!


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